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Our Philosophy

A healthy and happy relationship between a dog and their guardian is a partnership based on mutual love, trust, and respect. 



Our Mission 

Strengthen the guardian-pet relationship by improving your understanding of your dog's behavior and your ability to effectively communicate with your dog.


Our Story:
I have never been more than a few feet from a dog, if I had anything

to say about it anyway (as I type there are three at my feet). I was

born into a family with a dog, I grew up with many more; dogs were

my playmates, confidants, protectors, and friends. As a research

psychologist specializing in animal behavior and communication I

have worked with dolphins, tigers, and wolves, to name a few

amazing species... But all along there were always dogs and my connection to them.


I am Dr. Jessica Owens, Owner of and lead behaviorist at Unleashed Training. While my parents taught me to train the family dogs, I received formal training in animal behavior from the University of Mount Union, Sea World, the National Aquarium in Baltimore, and the University of Tennessee, where I earned my Ph.D. (See a copy of my Curriculum Vitae at the bottom of this page). While pursuing my research and serving as a Professor of Psychology for the past 20 years I have been committed to the rescue, rehabilitation, and training of Bully Breeds. You will see the many pictures of my own dogs on the website, each one a rescue. Now I look forward to bringing this passion to work for others. 


Here at Unleashed Training we recognize that a happy and healthy family includes all of it's members. Unleashed Training aims to maximize the health and happiness of your 4-legged family members. Our services are personalized and we have a unique perspective when it comes to working with you and your family. Most behaviors that guardians are concerned about are symptoms of more endemic problems associated with dogs living in human-centered worlds. We are here to help you give your dog the best life possible, and to make it a manageable and enjoyable experience. Whatever your needs we are here to help meet them with personalized service.


I look forward to working with you and your family.



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