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Canine Good Citizenship

Canine Good Citizenship is a program designed to recognize

well-mannered dogs with a certificate of good behavior. Guardians also take a pledge of Responsible Dog Ownership.

To achieve Canine Good Citizenship dogs and handlers are tested on 10 challenges

Canine Good Citizen

Canine Good Citizen Test Items:

1. Accepting the presence of a friendly stranger engaging with handler 

2. Sit politely and accept touch from friendly stranger 

3. Accept health check of ears and front paws 

4. Walk on a loose lead with handler

5. Walking calmly and politely through a crowd, moving closely by at least 3 people

6. Perform the sit, down, & stay commands.

7. Come to the handler when called from a static position, on a 10ft lead

8. Reaction to another dog

9. Reaction to a distraction 

10. Supervised separation for 3 minutes

Canine Good Citizen
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